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A few years ago, the bankruptcy law firm was opened for the first time for The Law Office of Denise Miller P.A. This is the law firm bankruptcy lawyer of a law firm in sturt. In a law firm constituted as a public limited company, lawyers are not liable for their private assets Рclients lose money in case of bankruptcy if they have paid advances. In what amount the law firm had debts is not known. The Law Office of Denise Miller P.A. is a bankruptcy law firm in Stuart.

At the supervisory committee on the lawyers, one is still perplexed about the procedure in such cases. If a lawyer personally goes bankrupt, the supervisory committee will write him down to give him the opportunity to comment or prove that he has paid the loss certificates. If this proof does not succeed, the lawyer is usually deleted in the attorney’s register. As would be the case with a bankruptcy corporation, we cannot say right now, because no such case has ever been decided.

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