Saving Lives Through Immigration

Lawyers have recently decided to put their experience with international practices, corporate and employment procedures and immigration advocacy to more effectively assist LGBT individuals seeking entry to the United States. Recognizing that sometimes deportation back into their home countries mean certain death, LGBT immigrants now have counsel on how to be recognized under law.

Many regions, specially the Middle East and Russia, have begun to inflict organized and horrifyingly efficient maltreatment to those who are noted to have homosexual tendencies. Mob rule, assault, forfeiture of property, being treated as subhuman – immigration is the hope for an end to their suffering. It is a war being waged against them.

Detainees held and denied entry are often fearful and under increased risk of physical and sexual abuse, but solitary confinement might as well be torture. There are special dispensations granted for those seeking entry as refugees and looking for political asylum, so it is surprising that the same consideration is not extended to those LGBT individuals who fear no less for their lives and the welfare of their families.

Life partners and spouses, even if gay marriage is now legal inside in the U.S., for some reason are still not recognized as legal beneficiaries for green card sponsorship. Families and those left behind find it agonizing to bear being separated and being under continual risk. This needs to be addressed.

Appeals and litigation, coordinating with LGBT rights and immigration advocacy organizations, and representation to act against systemic abuse and failings in the immigration system; these finally bring relief for those unfairly treated for nothing more than their sexual orientation. A situation like this should not be marginalized, but rather treated with all the seriousness and sensitivity they are due. It is never frivolous.

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