Role of Class Action lawyers of California

A class action is a kind of a court case brought by one or more people, commonly mentioned as a group representative or group representatives, who operate on behalf of a bigger group or category of people who have analogous claims. The reason of a class action court case is to unite many claims of people into a single action brought before one judge.

The Class Action lawyers of California are familiar with the class action law, and they are devoted to winning and in lieu of the public in class action proceedings. Additionally, these California class action lawyers are capable of handling all aspects of class action proceedings, including the claims of defective products, from beginning to judgment, as well as appeals, if essential.

The Class Action attorneys of California represent customers in an extensive variety of class action court cases, as well as those involving labor and employment matters, such as pay and hourly problems, customer protection, false advertising, unjust business practices, antitrust, greedy lending, and securities.

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