Resolving Disputes resulting from business contracts

In a perfect world, two parties enter into a business contract, fulfill their responsibilities to the letter and protect each other’s rights during the duration of the contract. Business contracts are inevitably marred by breaches and disputes, with one of the parties violating the rules, refusing to meet his commitments or even disagreeing over the terms of the agreement. Tussles over contract practices, property, payments, and other disagreements also arise quite often. This can disrupt your contract and damage relationships as well. Generally, the first step when an employee, customer or colleague unexpectedly fails to fulfill the contract is to try an informal negotiation. You should state the facts that were agreed, explain your position and offer a constructive resolution. Be fair and willing to compromise, but do not accept an unfair outcome either. In case of negotiation does not work out or you find yourself being accused of violating the rules, it is advisable to seek professional legal counsel from a contract dispute attorney at Valerie F. Horn & Associates immediately. The lawyer will study the contract carefully to understand the terms of fulfillment and also if there are any clear clauses for settling disputes – like mediation or arbitration. Mediation – A mediator works with both parties and tries to help them reach an acceptable agreement or financial settlement. This is quick and cheap but is not binding on the parties. Arbitration – This is a confrontational method wherein both parties present their problems and arguments in front of a neutral arbitrator. He decides how the dispute will be resolved and the decision is binding. It must be adhered to by both the parties. In either case, a contract dispute attorney at Valerie F. Horn & Associates works diligently to resolve the dispute and arrive at a solution that is acceptable to both parties, without the need for judicial intervention. Going to Court This is usually the last resort when none of the other contract dispute resolution methods work out. A contract dispute attorney in from Valerie F. Horn & Associates will help you proceed in the right way by first assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the legal basis for the same. He will set out a range of options to suit your needs and expectations and inform you about the potential costs/prospects of success for each option as well. He will also try to determine whether the other party is actually able to pay – else, you will find yourself in a costly legal battle and yet powerless to enforce the judgment on the other party. If you decide to sue, the lawyer then proceeds to compile substantial evidence to back up your claims and notifies the other party about the court proceedings. He will draw on his ample knowledge and experience to make (or defend) your claim in the court of law. When you win, the other party is required to pay the compensation as well as some of your legal costs!

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