Divorce laws in Florida.

Divorce rates are on the rise in America and probably the rest of the world, many people are getting divorced for various reasons disagreements, cheating, and in most cases irreconcilable differences. The most stressing part is the divorce process, the spouse who has filed for divorce may not get full co-operation from the other spouse but if you know divorce, family law especially if you live in Florida the process may become easier.

In Florida you must have been a resident of the state for at-least 6 six months in-order to file for divorce. An agreement has to be reached between the two spouses that the marriage cannot be saved. Alimony may be granted to either spouse depending on the spouses financial stability, also in the case of alimony, adultery of either spouse may be considered, and the conditions of that adultery determine the amount of alimony to be awarded to the deserving spouse.

Property division- The law of Florida states that property should be divided fairly between the two spouses but it doesnt have to be equally. However if the spouses can agree to divide the property equally, if not the court will determine how the property will be divided.

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