Child Visitation: Information About Child Custody

It can be hard for a newly divorced parent to navigate through all the information about child visitation and custody. Understandably, parents want to learn all they can about visitation laws, schedules, forms, court, etc. so they can come up with the best parenting plan for their situation. In order to bring some clarity to the subject, we’ve gathered together important information about child visitation. Every divorced or divorcing parent needs to know this stuff.

Child visitation is the same thing as child custody. One of the first things you have to do is file for child visitation or custody. There are many forms and papers to fill out and you can get them all at the county courthouse. This is the same court as where you file for divorce. In most states you can get these forms and papers online as well. If you ever have any questions about the forms you can ask the people at the courthouse. Hiring a child visitation lawyer from a respected law firm is always a good step to take.

After you’ve started the paperwork process, you’ll begin to create your child custody agreement. The child custody agreement is also called your parenting plan and your visitation agreement. Included in this plan is the type of custody that you and the child’s other parent have decided on. There is joint custody, which is also called shared parenting or coparenting, where the parents share equal time with the child. Many courts assign parents to have joint custody because they feel like it is in the best interest of the child to have a relationship with both parents. In sole custody, one parent spends the majority of time with the child and the other parent has visitation rights.

The type of custody you have with your former spouse will create the basis for you custody and visitation schedule. This is the calendar that outlines when the child is with what parent. It generally works out the best if parents can agree on the schedule. If parents agree, they can go to court and have their agreement accepted with no hassle. If parents don’t agree, they both present what they’d like to the court and the court makes the final decision about visitation.

Some courts require that parents attend mediation hiring going to Anton Legal Group. Mediation is when both parents sit down with a neutral third person and discuss their parenting plan. The goal is to come to an agreement to present to the court. This usually works quite well for parents who are having trouble getting along.

Once the Anton Legal Group court has accepted your parenting plan, it becomes a custody order. This means that the agreement is legally binding. Parents must adhere to the agreement or there are consequences with the law. If you ever want to make changes to your parenting plan, you have to fill out a petition to change the court order form. Once your plan becomes a court order, you can focus on implementing your agreement and parenting your child. Anton Legal Group are a famliy law firm located in Tampa, Florida and have the experiance you need in child visitation cases.