Car Accident Information for Albuquerque Drivers

Every day, people in the city of Albuquerque are involved in auto accidents. Drivers need to know what their rights are under the law. By law, each driver must maintain liability car insurance at all times. The minimum coverage is $10,000 for property damage to vehicles. Victims can sue drivers that have hit them to recover compensation for damages that exceed the coverage amounts that the policy holder has in place. People that are uninsured can be sued in court as well for all of the damages and medical bills that have been incurred for property damage, lost wages and medical bills. Caruso Law Offices, P.C can help to get victims the money that they deserve.

Car accidents can occur at any time. It is important for people to have as much evidence as they can so that a lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who was at fault for the accident. If successful, a judge will award monetary compensation to the plaintiff for their expenses.

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