A New Life through Adoption

Adoption changes the lives of many people, potentially two or more families. There are many heart-rending reasons to adopt, and just as many for why someone may decide to put his or her child up for adoption. What is most important to remember, however, that all of this is supposed to be for the benefit of the child.

Here are the different types of Adoption

  • Traditional or closed adoption means that the birth parents break contact and release all legal authority to their child. While most think of orphans in this manner, it is sad how some children are removed from their parents for their own protection. They may be abandoned, given up by their parents unable to care for them, or taken away by the government.

This manner of adoption is typically done with the assistance of adoption agencies and adoption lawyers. While most of the time this refers to abandoned and fostered children, it can also apply for those minors who are already living with a step-parent or relative.

  • Semi-traditional adoption is when the birth parents exercise the right to select who will be the adoptive parents. They often willingly give up contact with the child afterwards.

  • Open adoption means that biological parents are allowed to participate in their child’s life. They may send letters and receive personal information and continuous contact. It is up to the adoptive and birth parents to decide how much they will share with each other.


Additional Requirements for Adoption

In general, two things must first be settled in favor of the adoptive parents –

1) that they can provide a better future for the child, and
2) that the biological parents surrender their parental rights.

A positive relationship between the adoptive and birth parents helps to ease the transition for the child. It can be frightening and confusing time for the child up for adoption, but it is the start for a better future for everyone.

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